News and Events

11 November 2019

Participants of RIOT are attending the ACM CCS 2019 in London.

4 November 2019

Participants of RIOT are attending the Dagstuhl seminar: Biggest Failures in Security.

8 October 2019

The RIOT project are going to Kiel University for a one-day workshop.

3 October 2019

RIOT are taking part of the Master Thesis meeting with students from several programs at Chalmers with suitable project seeds.

2 September 2019

The project course DAT300/DIT668 starts. Some projects have a direct relation with RIOT and we wish the students good luck in understanding how to put intrusion detection systems on resource-constrained hardware.

29 August 2019

Workshop in RIOT at Chalmers. Interested in talking to us, drop one of the organizers an email.

19 June 2019

RIOT supports the organization of the DIMVA conference, to take place in Gothenburg June 19–20. Check out the exciting program.

3 June 2019

RIOT presented a poster of current research directions: IDS on small edge devices, and blockchain for small devices.

27 May 2019

Master thesis presentation in connection with RIOT. Can you run an IDS on small embedded microcontrollers? Report is found online.

26 March 2019

Also cars need security. A cooperation with the HoliSec project is presenting results in using the algorithm PASAD for in-vehicle networks.

11 March 2019

We are recruiting!

Currently, we are recruiting at both nodes in the consortium! We encourage you to apply to both open positions separately. The applications can be found at:

The deadline for the applications will be April 15, 2019.

7 February 2019

RIOT visits EURECOM and Symantec Europe in the south of France.

1 January 2019

The RIOT project officially starts.